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Virgin Coconut Oil Organic

Size: 14oz
Form: Liquid

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Real Foods Trading Company™ Virgin Coconut Oil Organic 14oz
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The Real Foods Trading Company™ Coconut Oil is natures richest source of healthy medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which the body uses for energy in a process called thermogenesis. Coconut oil is naturally trans-fatty acid free and is natures most plentiful source of lauric acid outside of mothers milk, typically containing around 50 percent. Lauric Acid has been studied for its role in metabolism, thyroid function and immune function. It also helps provide nutritive support for healthy skin and hair. Real Foods Trading Company™ Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is made from certified organic fresh coconut meat. The white coconut flesh is quick dried and cold-pressed to extract the oil, which is then bottled. Our coconut oil is unrefined, unbleached, non deodorized, unhydrogenated, and processed without solvents. Coconut oil is one of the most stable vegetable oils. It is also the oil that can resist heat-induced damage. It has a high smoke point, which gives it an advantage in cooking and frying. It solidifies under 76? F but can be easily made liquid again by placing in a pan of warm water; or, it can be used as a solid just like butter.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
Virgin Coconut Oil Organic

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